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UXD & UI Consulting Services

At Elinkus, we deliver beautiful, modern Intentionally-Designed (UX) Websites and User Interface Solutions loaded with innovative digital strategy and Next-Gen features. For whole lifecycle web/app design-builds and usability solutions, we’ll eagerly guarantee your satisfaction on all aesthetic and operational levels.

Since we’ve been around for over a decade, we’re talented at optimizing work-flow within semi-agile eco-systems, and can quickly evaluate your high-priority goals, core offerings and unique vision to concisely render an interface that complements your core offerings and brand collateral.

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Simple, effective and unbelievably stylish Content Management Solutions

NEW Design-Builds with WordPress CMS

We know that style and usability inevitably shed bias on one’s corporate reputation, so we’ve selected the most beautiful, modern, and efficient WordPress themes, which rival any hand-coded website. Our customizable templates are transferred to your team after we flesh out the basic site navigation, page flow and agreed upon style-guide. Our user-friendly CMS solutions make updating content and managing securities incredibly simple. Let us show you!

– Automatically responds to any screen

– Fully customizable

– Intuitive & Enjoyable Dashboard & Tools

+ Free hosting for one year!


Seamlessly refurbishing live websites to function beautifully on all platforms.

Website Remodeling & Data Transfer

Our goal is to make the process of updating your website as smooth and effortless as possible. During our initial consultation, we’ll determine your objectives and offer two destination maps: A. Basic Content & Data Migration (using the same navigation and number of pages); or B. Comprehensive UX Revamp (For this, we recommend that you begin with UX4IID Site Assessment.). Either way, your end product will be fresh, savvy and 100% adaptable.

– Complete transformation to WP CMS

– Includes 2 hr. of WordPress instruction

+ Free hosting for one year!


Original or Customized Graphical User Interface Design Solutions

UX Website Design

Our digital designers are artists who obsess about improving everything we see. We’re happy to consult with you regarding responsive UX design principles and services, or just give us a task!

– Concept & Design Sprints

– Content Modeling

– Homepage Wireframe

– High-Fidelity Prototype

– Journey/ Destination Map with Hotspots

– Logos/ Brands & Marketing Collateral


User Experience for Intentional Interface Design – Website Assessment/ Audit

UX4IID Site Assessment

The UX4IID Site Audit analyzes user needs in concert with core market objectives within an industry’s specific ecosphere. We address consumer behavior, goals and specific pain points; then we provide recommendations on how to remain one step ahead of competition. The UX4IID is provided as a stand-alone report that can be passed onto any development team, and is useful when renovating an existing website or building a new one.

– Competitive Analysis

– Ranking with E-Metrics

– Site Architecture Map & Page Flow

– Design/ Build Prototype

+ Free Copy Dash!


“UX design and analysis is now a critical component of competitive advantage,
digital strategy, and business transformation.” 

~ R. Fouts, Gartner Research VP

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